New Fountains and Images Added to our Website

Our website is always being updated, and this September we’re adding a great amount of new images to many product pages throughout

These new photos include shots of fountains that are installed by our crew, and images of the products on display at our Cornelius, N.C., garden center. We’ve also added several new fountains to the site, including the Long Beach by Campania, Europa Bubbler by Henri Studio, and the 78″ Fleur De Lis Globe by Massarelli.

Until now most of the products on our website showed the manufacturer’s stock image. Now, an increasing amount of the fountains on our site include photos of the product installed at a customer’s home or at our garden center.

“We think this gives customers browsing our site a better idea of how many of our fountains will appear fully installed at their residence or business,” owner Chris Smiley said. “We have current and potential customers from all over the Carolinas and into Virginia that find us online and plan to visit our garden center. These improvements to our website give customers a clearer idea of what our garden center is all about before they travel to visit us.”

Here’s a list of fountains that have new images added to their product page:


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